Introducing: The High-Heeled Go-Givers Blog

A big welcome to all of the first visitors to We are so excited to have you! This blog post is our first and will kick off what we hope to be a robust blog space for years to come. 

As you probably know by now if you’ve gotten this far, High-Heeled Go-Givers is a Collective Giving Circle. Parties With a Purpose are hosted online every month to benefit a featured charity that is making a difference in the lives of women and children. Funds are raised through purchases made from the featured women-owned businesses throwing each party. We know that 94% of people want to shop from businesses that give back so we're aiming for a big impact.

This blog space will be an important part of our program as we use it to archive Parties With a Purpose, report on our charities, highlight extraordinary women, and post news and updates about us.

Party With A Purpose Archive

Our favorite thing to do is to have Go-Givers attend the Parties With a Purpose while they are live multiple times a month on Facebook and via webinars. Attending live gives you the opportunity to ask questions via chat and participate in any giveaways or specials the businesses have planned for that webinar. 

The next best thing if you can’t attend live, though, is to catch up on your own time. Archived videos will be accessible here on the blog. You can search for them by charity, business name, or chronologically. You’ll be able to make purchases through links included with the video, even months later! It’s never too late to support your favorite charity or business.

Charity Stories

The second thing the blog will be used for is to keep you up to date on some of the amazing stories our charity partners have to tell. At High-Heeled Go-Givers we are very picky about the charities we choose to highlight in our Parties. To make sure we choose charities that are best at lifting up women and children we have you, our High-Heeled Go-Giver members vote, ultimately selecting only 12 per year.

And it doesn’t stop there. We continue to monitor and evaluate these select few throughout the year to make sure they are living up to the standards of a High-Heeled Go-Giver. As a part of the process we’ll be posting stories about what the charities are up to here on the blog. These will be searchable by the charity name.

Highlighting Extraordinary Women

The third thing this blog is for is bragging about you. Yes you! The inspiration behind High-Heeled Go-Givers is women helping women through charities and business mentoring. So it goes without saying that working with entrepreneurial and philanthropic women is going to be brimming with extraordinary stories of selflessness and victory. We plan to share some of those stories here and highlight women we feel are extraordinary. You’ll be able to search these stories by the category “Extraordinary Women.”

News and Updates

Lastly, we guess you’ll be wanting to keep tabs on little old us so we’ll be posting news and updates regarding the organization here too. You can search these by typing “News and Updates.” This blog is an example!

So that about wraps it up. Thank you again for kicking things off with us and learning about the blog. If you love what we’re doing and want to become a High-Heeled Go-Giver yourself be sure to check back frequently to get our latest blog posts and learn when our next parties will be held.